Monday, October 8, 2007

Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered

Marisol at Dhimmi Watch reports, Saudi religious police arrest maid after employer "bewitched":
The arrest of the maid, whose nationality was not revealed, followed a complaint by the wife of the employer who she said had been ‘bewitched by the maid’.
The woman said she suspected her husband had been put under a spell because he fiercely defended the maid from criticism every time she neglected her work.
Members of the religious police, known as Mutawas, discovered ‘talismans and products of charlatanism’ in a search of the maid’s quarters in the eastern city of Damman, the newspaper added.
The paper said the maid, who is to face trial, ‘admitted she took refuge in sorcery so as to make her employers like her’.
‘The bewitched husband adored the maid and carried out all her wishes, unbeknownst to his wife,’ the newspaper said.
Saudi’s feared religious police are tasked with enforcing respect for public morals. Witchcraft is a capital offense in Saudi Arabia, where Sharia law is strictly applied.
Around two million domestic workers, mostly from Asian countries like Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, are employed in Saudi Arabia.
Okayyy, so the Saudi Sharia law enforcement officers and, presumably, judges, prison officials, and street rabble haven't a clue about scapegoating. Those still able in the "Christ-haunted" West should see here a veritable case study of the one who has the least power, least protection, the most vulnerable being the "problem". At least I hope you don't blame the maid.

What is even more interesting is the degree to which the mumbo-jumbo of "witchcraft" is able to frighten these officials. It is like Jack and the choir-boys cowering before the corpse of the "Beast" (dead parachutist) in Golding's Lord of the Flies. But what is clear is this:
Islam and its Sharia law are part-and-parcel with the primitive Sacred.

One more interesting note: China Daily reports that Guantanamo prisoners are asking to read Harry Potter books and see the movies. The Gospel has a funny way of getting into hearts and minds. Perhaps Harry, Ron, and Hermione will bring people interested in "witchcraft" to "Kings Cross Station."

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