Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fjordman Quotation

I don't agree with everything Fjordman thinks or says, but with this I fully agree:
"Christians need to understand that there can be no peace or understanding with the Islamic world. They want to subdue us, pure and simple. Church leaders of all denominations, Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox, must stop stabbing Israel in the back and campaigning for a de facto open borders policy while Muslims are threatening to swamp our lands. Yes, Christianity teaches compassion, but it also teaches identifying evil and standing up to it. . ."
What Fjordman deplores is a prime indicator of any conventional religion, anthropologically speaking. Many argue that an extremely violent faction is “hot-wiring” Islam and growing in number (Daniel Pipes). I tend to think Islam is inherently part and parcel with the primitive Sacred, as RenĂ© Girard has explicated religion in cultural anthropological terms. Its origins are violent, attributing it to their deity’s wishes, and ritually substantiating itself through blood, vengeance, and a vast thirst for transcendence left by the vacuity of secular society.

The latter accounts for the quick gains in new members — the false transcendence and fascination with violence. In the West, this false transcendence is seen in such “entertainment” as “Saw IV” and other inexplicable phenomena — inexplicable except by Girard’s reading of conventional religious experiences of violent origins.

True transcendence is to be found in the Judeo-Christian biblical faith, which Islam mimicks and hates, all at the same time — but is utterly dependent upon in rivalry and negative imitation. The vapid, dry, secular West is primed and ready for Islam's form of the false transcendence; vast numbers have already converted to postmodern nihilism's form already. The Church offers an alternative -- the only Alternative -- at the heart of which is perfect revelation of the true nature of God in Jesus Christ and him crucified. Which shall it choose?

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