Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mark Steyn - Augean Stables Reporting

Our friend, Scott Dinsmore, put me on to a report on a talk given by Mark Steyn and a fine looking blog, Augean Stables (you know, Hercules’ 5th task – the stables, the merde?). From Steyn's talk:
The West is engaged in a world historical gamble on the power of cultural relativism to solve a series of civilizational dilemmas ... “Never again!” — one runs into this Holocaust slogan repeatedly in Europe, and yet somehow this pledge to the memory of the dead declined into hollow moral preening: “Never again power politics, never again nationalism, never again Fürhers…” The result — an inaction that closely resembles the policies of appeasement that made the first Holocaust possible, and could well lead to a second fascist take-over of Europe.
An important talk by Steyn. Commentary (in italics) by Landes equally important to read.

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