Monday, November 12, 2007

Scully, We've Got a Problem Here

Douglas Farah at Counterterrorism Blog sounds a vital warning in A Dangerous Transfer of Wealth. "Our inability to wean ourselves from foreign oil has long been providing the financing for groups and countries that want to eliminate us, including terrorist organizations fed from the oil-rich nations. Former CIA director R. James Woolsey has been trying to drive that point home for years. The irony of financing our own destruction seems lost on most policy makers."

It's a point I emphasize too in Functional Dhimmitude. United States legislators predicate their sense of stability on lethargy spawned in lobbyist dollars and sleeping-dog constituents. Politicians only become alarmed about anything when their office and/or income is threatened, period. Don't look for any change in oil dependency. It may not be CALLED dhimmitude, but it is, regardless of what congressional flatulence calls it.

If one sees a striking parallel to the X-files' cassandra-like cries of Mulder about aliens and the many bloggers trying to get the attention of what is going on in petrol-driven and funded jihad, so be it.

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Athos said...

A commenter called me to task for calling Islam a form of paganism, quoting the CCC. I applaud the quotations, but, given the context, it was clear that he (a) had no understanding of the primitive Sacred and (b) used the CCC to overly preen the present day realities of jihad behind the smokescreen of well intentions (and highest possible mercy) of the Catechism toward Islam.

The Holy Father called a scimitar a scimitar in his Regensburg talk some time ago. The CCC has no reciprocal precedent in mutual admiration and desire for residing in peace in the Muslim world. The only persons who wish to quash the myriad evidence of Islamic aggression are Muslims, or hopeless romantics of the leftist kind.