Thursday, November 22, 2007

Persecution of Archbishop Who Teaches Truth

Once again the opponents of Natural Law and proponents of disordered passions raise the paean against the last bastion of sanity: Minneapolis/St. Paul Coadjuter Archbishop John C. Nienstedt concisely explained the Church's teaching regarding both a homosexual's obligation to chastity and the Church's obligation to support and encourage such a chaste lifestyle. The column has caused a backlash of harsh criticism from the 'homosexual community' in what has until recently been known as a notoriously liberal Catholic diocese.

Those who cut themselves off from the True Vine of Christ and his teaching no longer have the stabilizing influence of the deposit of faith protected by the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, exemplified by Archbishop Nienstedt.

Mary Lynn Murphy of Catholic Rainbow Parents, condemned the archbishop's column as "extreme talk" that should be considered offensive to all Catholics because it "gives license to hatred and violence against us all."

Murphy lectured the bishop stating, "The new archbishop should apologize, begin to educate himself on the topic of sexual orientation, and be the prophetic voice for the much-needed reform of the church's understanding of homosexuality."

The neo-pagan agenda -- unconscious and naive -- would follow Murphy's sincere but sincerely wrong-headed approach of placating whatever suits individuals' degeneracy by framing the discourse in terms of "rights", "extremism", and victimization. This once again shows the blindness of those caught in the primitive Sacred "vortex" to the Natural Law written indelibly in our bodies for procreation and our chafing against the sole place in which the meaning and purpose of human life may be found: Catholic truth. It also shows how divorcing concern for victims and outcasts from the One Who taught us to do this -- Jesus -- looses chaos in the form of victimhood as political and power ploy that in turn creates new victims.

Pan-sexuality and paganism are at-one. The archbishop is boldly telling the truth and is a target for all who cannot abide truth claims in their relativist and gnostic world.

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