Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Swastika & Scimitar - Part 3

The Terrorism Awareness Project's straightforward and aptly conflated piece entitled, Islamic Mein Kampf. The familiar dehumanizing of the intended victim, the Jew, is a prime indicator of the cultural phenomenon pointed out with acerbic clarity in René Girard's works. This scapegoating tactic is humanity's "lowest common denominator": finding one we can all agree is the source of all the world's problems, etc. The accusatory gesture is nearly what defines the human race in its fallen status.

The only place wherein hope for change from this propensity for satanic accusation and sacrificial violence still resides in our world, a bright shining light in the darkness, even amid the squalor of postmodern swill, a treasure of great price, is scorned and mocked – even in car ads. It is threatened and hurled abuse by the new fascisti who hate Jews, Crusaders, and all who stand for the biblical spirit of truth, goodness, and beauty in our world.

Watch the graphics in IMK. Look at the protesters' placards. Now you know who and what to pray for and about. Keep a copy of the Catechism handy, the dogs loose, and the sword upstairs. [Tip: Velvethammer Lady]

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