Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Devil in the Details

From the same James Pinkerton who brought us the Shire Strategy comes,

The Devil Is In the Details: Another Obama Connection You Ought to Know About

[ht: Spirit Daily]

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Aramis said...

Interesting yet still I am afraid this article by Pinkerton falls short of the mark of helping people understand what is at stake. Putting Tribunus from Roman Christendom with this Pinkerton article with your novel, "The Dionysus Mandate: A Fable of Desire & Death" maybe just maybe some more folks would begin to understand our concern over this election.

Another problem for me is McCain and his bungling of things in his past and even during his campaign. If he could possibly be seen something in the like manner of Peter, who bungled and stumbled along trying to follow the "right" path. Adrienne von Speyr wrote: "We can think of the apostles only in the position of those who have been called. That identifies them: they are those who have been called. All their bungling does not change this fact. For it is clear that they belong always to the Lord, that they have preserved the freshness of their call even when they seem dissociate themselves from it."

To me what we have is one candidate who is riding ablaze the free-falling and out-of-control culture which is lacking moral and ethical foundations and who promises to throw off any and all remaining reigns. On the other hand we have one who would try to preserve whatever Christian principle our culture still holds to.