Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hitler's Protestants

From the news feed at Gen's Real Clear Religion comes an eye opener: Protestant collusion with Nazi Germany. If you doubt this, take a glance at this.

By the by, the site Roman Christendom is beautiful addition to my links of note.


Aramis said...

And Catholics make better beer, too!

I am sorry ... the way he goes about this whole issue is like one who is craz'd hunched over and thrusting a poker in his victim's face 27 times exclaiming, "Take this, and take this..."

There has to be a better way to bring about Christian unity than simply by copying the Protestant way.

Even though I struggle with the way in which Tribunus at Roman Christendom presented his material I really did learned a lot. Yet, just by his manner of presentation he perpetuates the widening gulf between Catholic and Protestant when efforts need to be made toward bringing Christian together.

Just my silly opinion.

Athos said...

Which I value very much, Aramis.

While I can't discern his motives, I come from a distinctly anti-Catholic family that has a cloak of mythologized ignorance over them that will, at times, cause me to rant in frustration too. As Girard has said, those scapegoated are the most likely to scapegoat, which, of course, we should not do.

Surgeons will cut deep so as to insure getting all of the cancerous tumor. Sometimes a heavy dose of reality can help regain some equilibrium in light of prevarications about Hitler’s Pope, for instance.