Friday, November 7, 2008

Moloch Worship Redux

Jill Stanek at WorldNetDaily writes,

This election may have prompted a turning point on the Catholic front. We had in Obama a pro-abortion presidential candidate set apart from Clinton or Kerry, who both expressed reticence about their abortion support – "safe, legal and rare," and all that.

Obama was confident, categorically supporting unfettered abortion for all nine months of pregnancy and beyond.

Catholic theologian Dr. Monica Miller thinks Obama's boldness shook U.S. bishops up.

"I've been waiting 35 years to see vigorous, uncompromising statements from the bishops on abortion," Monica told me. "With this election, we had a concerted, bold speaking out of almost 100 of 300 U.S. bishops. There have been several bishops' documents going back 20 years or more. These are decent documents, but they can be interpreted in such a way by Catholics who want to justify a vote for a pro-abortion candidate. These bishops' statements sought to close those loopholes. They were saying nothing outweighs the killing of innocent human life by abortion."

Yet almost half of all Catholics still voted for Obama, indicating edicts alone won't work. Only consistent church teaching that breaks through deadened consciences on the horror of abortion in conjunction with education on the godly confines of sexual behavior will do.

Face it. It is the Christian church's fault that legalized abortion in America – and now infanticide – exists... Read more …
The president-elect's "boldness" in supporting unfettered abortion for all nine months of pregnancy and beyond would be called Decisionism - a characteristic that flaunts guilt and shame in the face of Natural Law and the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. Old Testament prophets would call support for infanticide tantamount to child sacrifice; structurally, it is identical to Moloch worship.

Neo-paganism has a new and powerful advocate who is about to take the helm.

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