Friday, November 7, 2008

Would Kristallnact Be Ignored by MSM Today

Ruth King asks a most telling question: If Kristallnacht took place today, how would it be covered by the media?
I am always obsessed with these events. I ask myself: How would Kristallnacht be covered by the media today? Outrage? Perhaps, but the “root cause” theorists would soon bring up the murder of Rath, even though these events were already on course long before Grynspan’s fateful visit to the embassy. After all, the apologists for the murderous sprees now known as the “Intifada,” which have claimed the lives of thousands of innocent civilians, routinely blame it on the “occupation” by Israel rather than on the enduring blood lust known as Jihad.
And, what of the academies today? They should be bastions of liberal thought and the pursuit of justice and truth. Are they? Melanie Phillips has described England’s “descent into madness” as its academics boycott and viciously malign Israel. Here in America, American patriots and defenders of Israel are a shrinking and increasingly shirking minority as universities invite and lionize and give tenure to terrorists and their enablers and assorted crackpot “historians” who weave their bias into curriculum.

Mainline churches here and in England parrot the Arab line and promote divestment, the code word for economic sanctions against Israel. Even modern day blood libels such as the Al-Dura scandal are given a wide and credulous audience while Sharia law creeps silently but steadily into all society’s infrastructures.

And what about entertainment and the media? They continually spout moral equivalence between monsters and victims. Everyone has a legitimate “grievance” and the most fashionable “grievance” of all is that of Israel’s Arab enemies.
The mainline newspapers – even those in states like Great Britain, Holland and France – all directly threatened with Jihad, do not lessen their daily anti-Israel screeds.
Given the willful ignoring of certain facts by the MSM - with the promise to continue this ideological policy - I think Ms. King is right to harbor evil fantasies. Call them intuitions, more accurately.

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