Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Answer to Track 16 - Knox on Doctrine

It doesn't do to say that heresy produces the development of doctrine, because that annoys the theologians. But it is true to say that as a matter of history the development of doctrine has been largely a reaction of the Church's part to the attacks of heresy.


The defined doctrines ... are guaranteed by a promise of Divine guidance; whatever else is or is not true, these must be true. Therefore, you must resign your conclusions, you must submit your reasoning processes to the refutation of this higher certainty.
And my two bits: my experience of "Catholic sacramental sensitivity" (G. Bailie) always has found theme and substantiation in doctrine. Doctrine is not something to jibe against the goad; doctrine is the Word formulating at a distance at which we humans can formulate both faith and reason. No reason for resentment here. Move along.

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