Monday, September 28, 2009

Scorched Earth Tantrum Coming?

According to Wikipedia,
In 1945, Adolf Hitler ordered his minister of armaments Albert Speer to carry out a nationwide scorched earth policy, in what became known as the Nero Order. Hitler felt that the German people had shown themselves to be weak, and undeserving of a leader such as himself (emphasis added). Having failed their test of character, they should be condemned to destruction. Speer, who was looking to the future, actively resisted the order, just as he had earlier refused Hitler's command to destroy French industry when the Wehrmacht was being driven out of France, and managed to continue doing so even after Hitler became aware of his actions. Millions of civilians starved or froze to death because of scorched earth strategy during the war, especially in the Soviet Union.
What will happen if the ideologically Gnostic- romantic-in-chief's numbers make him lose, I wonder? Will the will of the people outweigh the his seemingly irrevocable will?

The race card is moot. The hubris card is obvious. A smidgeon of humility would lend I Wun a grreat deal of credibility, if it be honest.

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