Thursday, October 1, 2009

And I'm Not Talking Col. Sanders

As The Anchoress presents, and a psychotherapist and self-proclaimed "recovering liberal" says:
The economy is tanking -- Obama laughs. We are accumulating crippling debt -- he and the other Democrats go on a spending spree.

Millions take to the street for a peaceful 9/12 march. He doesn't notice. We oppose the government controlling our lives, especially health care, but he rams legislation down our throats anyway.

Our allies have started to realize that Obama doesn't care about them either. He snubs Gordon Brown, returns a statue of Winston Churchill (how disturbing is this?), and insults the Brits with DVDs and iPods. He betrays the Poles and the Czechs, and leaves Israel hanging from a limb.

Obama does have sympathy for the devils, though, the Chavez's and Castro's of the world. Maybe he views them as brothers, fellow victims of the monstrous United States. Perhaps Obama is all Vive le Revolucion.

There are endless red flags, aren't there? The covert government of antisocial Czars; the cozy ties to Bill Ayers, maybe George Soros. And who knows what else, because Obama's private world has been hermetically sealed...MORE>>
One more thing: One of my basic suppositions is that true conversion is only possible according to the proximity of one in relationship to and with the Blessed Trinity. No amount of education, training, cerebral prowess, or noble mindedness can truly alter one at the deepest levels unless it takes place with deep regret, remorse, contrition, and a resolve to align oneself to the life of Our Lord. And this with sacramental grace aplenty.

Without the above, we merely use what we learn to work the template with which we're born. In my case, I will probably always write and speak with a Protestant accent; a weary and grateful refugee in the realm of Mother Church. In the case of President I Wun, I agree, it seems, with the reflections of a perception and observant chap-ette, one I. E. Ikenga in her essay, Obama, the African Colonel.

This is going to get really bad.

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