Friday, January 15, 2010

Brit Hume - Last Words

Kathryn Jean Lopez at The Catholic Thing puts the Brit Hume comment on Tiger Woods in perspective.
The host of MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann announced that what Hume said “crosses that principle [of keeping] religious advocacy out of public life, since, you know, the worst examples of that are jihadists, not to mention, you know, guys who don’t know their own religions or somebody else’s religion, like Brit Hume.”

Brit Hume and the jihadists. I wish I could tell you no one takes this stuff seriously, but you know better than that. Mainstream reporters and the president of the United States have appeared on the show. But one has come to expect this of media ideologues. The more disturbing reality of life in our fallen world is: It’s not just those who spend their days immersed in ideology and ratings who reacted this way. In the more than a week since the incident occurred, I’ve heard non-pundit, faithful, church-going people buy into the conventional view: Hume said something wrong.

But Hume did nothing of the sort. What he did was approach cultural commentary as a child of God. Punditry requires prudence, but if we do believe what we say we do as Christians, if we take it seriously, we are going to look a little unsophisticated now and again to the MSNBC crowd..More>>

As friend and mentor Gil Bailie quips in his study of fame, "Celebrities are people who are famous for being well known." What the Hume-Woods kerfuffle delineates is the deep chasm between a pundit who keeps himself in humble perspective, Brit Hume, and all the gaggle of multiculturalist self-appointed gatekeepers of the politically correct (read: indoctrinated ones who pay their secular humanist dues to belong to the club of progressivist pomposity and hubris) who believe their celebrity - their being well known - makes them magisterial experts.

Whether or not Mr. Woods hears of Brit Hume's normative is largely moot. What is important is that a candle was bravely lit and held aloft rather than hiding such eternal matters under the usual bushel of human pride.

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