Sunday, January 10, 2010

Truth, Faith, Morals - Chivalry

In light of my last post, I hasten to point to a prime indicator of truth vs. falsehood, good vs. evil, the Good vs. the satanic. It is this: who is satanic today?

"Satanic!? Whoa, Athos! Are you going fundy on us?" Fear not, gentle reader.

I am speaking from a vantage point of the Magisterium of the Church, and from what I consider a faithful servant of her Magisterium, mimetic theory of René Girard. And, for that matter, I am speaking from merely an etymological viewpoint.

In the New Testament, "Satan" (Gr. Σατάν ) means quite literally "the accuser." The accusatory gesture lies at the heart of fallen humanity and our conventional culture. The accuser of the mob becomes the arbiter of who the next victim will be. "It's HIS fault!" is the satanic gesture par excellence.

Today, there are more accusatory fingers pointing to truth, goodness, and beauty embodied in the Catholic Church than ever in prior ages. The Catholic Church refuses to relinquish truth, goodness, and beauty in an age of neo-pagan recrudescence, relativism, and ugliness. There ARE truth statements that will stand forever. There ARE faith values that are immutable. There ARE morals that shall not be brought down by the craven hoards.

May God Almighty remember Our Lord's promise that the gates of hell shall not prevail against His Church (Matthew 16, 18). And men and women of good will join arm in arm in chivalrous virtue.

It is the Adventure of faith, hope, and charity.

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Frank said...

Excellent post Athos, excellent!