Friday, July 16, 2010

Father Mark Delery - Requiescat in pace +

With the arrival of our diocesan newspaper, I was saddened yet not surprised to see that long-time friend and spiritual director, Father Mark Delery, had died.

Author, former abbot, medical doctor, fellow cancer survivor, Fr Mark was droll, insightful, wise, and, at times, hilarious. I was blessed on my last retreat to share with him my newest cancer battle news during spiritual direction, and he to hear my Confession and bless a few small articles I had brought with me. Too, he celebrated Holy Eucharist that Saturday morning at Holy Cross Abbey.

A soul guide, confidant, and friend. Pray for us, Fr Mark.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Knox - Guide for the Soul

RONALD ARBUTHNOTT KNOX (17 February 1888 - 24 August 1957) was not only one of the most brilliant minds at Oxford University in his day (admitted openly by C. S. Lewis), but one of the finest, most whimsical apologists, and explicators of orthodox Catholic teaching in the English speaking world.

During my recuperation from surgery, I read slowly and gratefully his book, The Hidden Stream, a series of conferences he gave at Oxford for Catholic students and other interested persons. I cannot speak highly enough about the book. If you wonder about who can be saved outside the Catholic Church, Christian marriage, the necessity of Revelation (to name only a few topics), get a copy. It will be worth it.

I am now delving into another book, The Creed in Slow Motion, talks he gave during World War II to girls who had been relocated during the bombing of London. Don't underestimate its value for ... hm ... you.

And, waiting in the wings is the rather large tome, Pastoral and Occasional Sermons.

Fighting cancer raises a host of questions in one's heart and soul. Monsignor Knox is a God-given guide for me. I can only offer his guidance, wisdom, concern, and love for you as well.