Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Knox - Politicians

A LITTLE BABY in a manger, a hunted criminal, a malefactor weighted with the instrument of his own punishment -- so our Lord looked to the world; not otherwise did his Church look -- does his Church look, to the scornful eye of the politicians that reject it. Christianity was the religion of slaves; it has abolished slavery. It was thrown to the lions in the amphitheatre; it has abolished the amphitheatre. Absolute monarchy, like a flustered giant, laboured to crush it; it has outlived absolute monarchy. Silently through the centuries the supernatural miracle has worked, like nature's miracle of fermentation.

- Ronald A. Knox

Monday, July 26, 2010

Corpus Christianum - An Invitation

If there resides in your heart and soul an undying though perhaps tarnished image of knighthood - that is, a yearning and longing to lay your sword at the feet of a king worthy of your fealty - you are invited to partake in the goodness of Marian chivalry within the fellowship of Corpus Christianum.

The quest for such a King, and his good Lady, to whom one may serve joyfully with good comrades-in-arms seems like an unanswerable one; and yet, Corpus Christianum does exactly that.

Come. See if your heart does not swell with joy - and faith and hope and charity. These dark and mean days need all who will to serve our Lord and our Lady in chivalrous valor. You will be welcome!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Knox - Catholic Truth

TODAY, WHEN THE WORLD has become so fuddled with its own philosophies that men cannot be sure whether two and two really make four, whether black is not really white under another aspect, they all agree on one thing -- that the Catholic religion can't be true. They will tell you one moment that it is impossible to discover whether truth exists, and the next moment that the Catholic religion is certainly false -- such is their logic. The Catholic religion must obviously be a deception, because it claims to know what is true.

-- Ronald Knox