Saturday, August 21, 2010

Laetare - Joy in Sorrow

IN PROPORTION AS WE ARE GOOD Christians, the world will find us dull dogs, a little removed from its insensate pursuit of pleasures, a little obsessed with thoughts of death and of judgment, a little sceptical about its facile optimisms. But, again, in proportion as we are good Christians, this seriousness of character will not reflect itself in empty brooding on the wickedness of the world, will not make us morbid, self-centered, disillusioned. Rather, we shall find that Christian sorrow and Christian joy have their roots nearer together than we fancied; that the desire for God's will to be done perfectly in us and in all creatures, which is the Christian religion, bears a double fruit of sadness and of gladness. For so it must be, until our earthly Lent is over, and we rejoice for ever in the triumph of the eternal Easter-tide.

- Ronald A. Knox, Sermon preached at St. Charles Borromeo, London

MacDonald - Lilith

MR. RAVEN, OTHERWISE KNOWN as Adam, explains the inexplicable - the rationale for abortion - in George MacDonald's book, Lilith:

She fears, therefore hates her child ... The birth of children is in her eyes the death of their parents, and every new generation the enemy of the last.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Saint Bernard of Clairvaux

My spiritual director who died in June on the feast day of Sts Peter and Paul said that Saint Bernard of Clairvaux was the "air we breath" at Holy Cross Abbey, Berryville. I had asked him for a good place to begin reading St. Bernard. He sent me a voluminous letter with multiple photocopies, suggestions, one with the still intriguing title of The Family That Overtook Christ: the amazing story of the family of Bernard of Clairvaux.

We remember St. Bernard today as founder of a host of monasteries, the counselor to pontiffs, the figure whom Dante deemed worthy to escort his literary self into Paradise.

St. Bernard, son of knights, pray for us.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Knox - Creed, Warfare, Loyalty, Romance

WE CANNOT BE CONTENT, like the average Protestant, with repeating to ourselves that certain spiritual ideas, certain avenues of approach towards the unseen, have been helpful to the Christians of other ages, and therefore may well have an abiding value for us too. We are committed to a creed. The Catholic religion is very much more than a creed; it is a life, a warfare, a loyalty, a romance. But it is a creed too; and the assertion of it involves us in an intellectual responsibility. Man's intellect is part of himself, and must be represented, consequently, in the scheme of his salvation ...

We shall get no credit for it; we shall still be called liars. But we can put up with that, when we remember that the eternal Wisdom of the Father came down to earth and was hailed as a deceiver (Mtt 17,63). If only they knew what it means to be a Catholic! God grant that they may come to know.

- Ronald A. Knox

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Invitation - Corpus Christianum

ON THIS GREAT FEAST DAY of the Assumption into Heaven of our Blessed Lady, I heartily invite you to prayerfully consider becoming a chivalric member of Corpus Christianum.

As our website declares, we are in full commitment to and agreement with the Magisterium of the holy Catholic Church:

CORPUS CHRISTIANUM is an international Private Association of the Faithful, open both to men and women, dedicated to praying for a renewal of Christendom.

Marian in character and guided by a Catholic chivalrous spirit, Corpus Christianum members pray daily for the following key points:

- The renewal, unity, and spread of Christendom

- The Supreme Pontiff and all priests/religious

- The protection of Christians around the world

- The restoration of the family

- The conversion of sinners and the sanctification of all people

I have found, personally, a vast deepening of my faith, hope, and charity by my daily commitment to the Acta Militum of Corpus Christianum.

May God bless you this blessed day of Our Lord's Resurrection and feast day of Our Lady.