Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

Yellowstone Watch

Meanwhile, at Yellowstone National Park, the bulge continues over one of the world's most dangerous supervolcanoes.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back to the Swamp

Why, do you suppose, this happened? From a mimetic theory viewpoint, it points to the expulsion of a designated and acceptable sacrificial victim - in this case the Christian faith in general and the Catholic Church in particular. Oddly, the latter alone comprises over a billion human beings, and yet the Gnostic EU overlords (so accurately depicted in C. S. Lewis's prescient book, That Hideous Strength) curiously believe that they can will out of existence belief in Jesus Christ - or, at least out of public discourse - by their hubris-filled chicanery.

It points again not only to human folly and pride; but to the deeply embedded roots of the primitive sacred in our fallen human condition.

Those EU ministers should listen, in my opinion, to a different sort of minister: Rene Girard, an Extraordinary Eucharistic Minister who also happens to be a member of the L'Académie française. His work in mimetic theory not only brings broad understanding to the cultural conflagration upon which the EU is throwing kindling, but is in full submission to the Magisterium of Mother Church.

The more "modern progressives" (sic.) try to out-distance Christian truth, the more their actions show a recrudescence and regression into the pagan swamp that our Lord and His Church succeeded in pulling us out of ... for a time.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Return, Yes - Not a 'Reunion' - Knox

ALL ... TALK ABOUT REUNION assumes, necessarily, that the one Church which Christ founded on earth has, in process of time, been split into a set of fragments - the Easterns, the Anglicans, the Wesleyans, and so on. Each of these will have preserved some part of Christian truth, some more than others. But since it is impossible now to determine which was right in the old dead controversies, we ought to sink our differences as far as possible (it is argued) and remake the Church out of its fragments once more. To us Catholics such language is meaningless; we have not so learned Christ. For us, the Church is nothing less than his Temple, his Bride, his own Body; and the idea that it could, by any conceivable historical circumstances, be split into fragments, is a blasphemy. The reunion of the Churches is to us not merely impossible, it is unthinkable. You cannot reunite what has never been divided. For the Catholic Church to take part in a reunion of the Churches would be a paradox, a contradiction in terms.

... (L)et us sympathize with their difficulties, let us give them credit for good intentions. By doing that, we shall perhaps help forward more than we know the day when Christians will really be reunited in obedience to the Holy See, and the martyrs will come to their own, and England will be our Lady's Dowry once again.

- Ronald A. Knox

Great News from England

Extraordinary good news: the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham is up and running. I may have to do away with the category 'Poor Old England' in my sidebar ...

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Glare of World Hostility - Knox

WE CATHOLICS ... ARE APT to grow exasperated at the continued existence of other religious bodies, and to ask God why he allows people to go on believing in these half-truths, to the dishonour of the Catholic Church. We forget that God, in his Providence, may permit these other religious bodies to exist, and even to flourish; for the reason, if for no other, that their existence is in some sort of a protection to the Catholic Church, in days when the atheist and the materialist are making such determined attacks upon every form of organized religion. Is it possible that the Protestant Christianity of our country, instead of being a menace to us Catholics, as it was in the centuries gone by, is now a protection to the Church, a breakwater against the flood of infidelity, a gourd whose shadow stands between it and the glare of the world's sun? Are we sure that we want the breakwater destroyed, the gourd withered away, so soon?

We cannot expect to live much longer under the shadow of the other Christianities; as time goes on, we shall have to face, more and more, the glare of the world's hostility. For that reason, we must rally closer than ever round our bishops, our clergy, our churches, our schools; we must be active Catholics, instructed Catholics, if need be combative Catholics, to meet the demands of the new age. And in the meanwhile, let us beg the prayers of our blessed Lady and of the English martyrs, that more and more of our fellow countrymen may receive the gift of faith, and be brought out of images and shadows into that eternal Truth whose guardian on earth is the one Holy Catholic Church of Christ.

- Ronald A. Knox