Thursday, December 13, 2007

Esau & Sodom Ascending - Jacob in the Dust

The Velvet Hammer Lady at Ironic Surrealism II pulls together a compendium on Islamophobia . It would be head-shakingly sad to see the way that human reason can and is used to deny yet justify one's forms of sacrificial violence if it weren't breathtakingly alarming to see how powerful Islamic fascism is becoming fueled by petro dollars and oil-addicted collusion by the West.

If the above seems somehow related to the neo-pagan recrudescence going apace in the West, your antennae don't need adjusting. You are simply picking up the signals of the two most prominent expressions of the primitive Sacred in today's world. Dark days. Dark days indeed.

By the way, Mark Steyn who is gifted with a Chestertonian wit and sangfroid under persecution, lays out the muddle that is the “case” against him by Islamofascista and crack-pot human rights commission types. It is one thing to seek peace and justice from a Thomist perspective. It is quite another and more sinister to do so from a vacuous secularist one caught in the downward spiral of the sacrificial vortex.

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