Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fighting a Dragon

One thing I am discovering is that when a person goes into battle with a dragon, one is at a distinct disadvantage on several fronts. First, one is weaker and has fewer innate weapons. Second, one has to lean heavily on good timing and something that we call variously "good fortune" or, for people of faith, "Providence". Most of all, regardless of how one may prepare to do battle with such a primeval monster, when it strikes, all plans are out the window and one must, finally, come into full awareness of one's mortality, ineptitude, and need for strength and dunamis well-beyond one's own puny powers, not to mention one's need for allies who can help when least looked for.

Two films that portray the truths listed above with great fun, alacrity, and acerbity (at least from the humans' point of view) are Reign of Fire (2002) and Dragonslayer (1981). Without the latter's magnificent dragon, "Vermithrax Pejorative," no film dragon would have any credibility to the present. What Disney did in creating him was as wonderful as the music score was atrocious (sorry, but true).

So this is a post about fighting dragons? No; it is about fighting a dragon closer to home and more real: cancer. All of the axioms in paragraph one above hold true. And I am grateful for all who have come to my assistance in prayer, skill, hope, and strength in fighting this "dragon".

May you find yourself surrounded by loving and caring help when the days that you must fight your dragons, gentle reader. Cheers and blessings.


Allison said...

This is a wonderful post, especially to read on St. george's day. How is your health?

Athos said...

Doing remarkably well, Allison. Thanks for asking. Best/blessings