Monday, September 22, 2008

Prof. P. Z. Myers - Primitive Sacred Persecutor

Earlier I posted on a faithful band of brothers who showed extraordinary chivalry, legitimate defense, and restraint when attacked verbally and with spittle in the face of a large pro-abortion rally in Defensa de la Catedral de Neuquén.

Now, a pro-life pharmacist is facing persecution from the University of Minnesota biology professor who a while back desecrated the Holy Eucharist:
P. Z. Myers, professor of Biology at the University of Minnesota Morris turned his sights this week to pro-life pharmacist Mike Koelzer of Kay Pharmaceuticals in Grand Rapids, Michigan ...

"I think Mike Koelzer is a contemptible, sanctimonious ass, and I hope he goes out of business," said (Prof.) Myers on his blog on Monday. "If Mike Koelzer comes to your town to speak in some demented fundagelical [sic] church, feel free to picket and protest, and feel free to attend and grill him with difficult questions."
Read all of article. [ht: New Advent]

As readers of René Girard's mimetic theory know, proponents of the primitive sacred never feel so sanctimonious and righteous as when they ignore the truth taught by the Christian faith for 2,000 years and counting. Namely, all of us are sinners and cannot possibly cast the first stone of sinlessness.

Yet people who exclude themselves from such knowledge and converted reasoning invariably become ad hoc priests of the primitive sacred, inviting others to try their methods of having their guilt removed "on the cheap," as Gil Bailie says, via methodologies of victimization.

"Prof." P. Z. Myers, like the spitting, reviling pro-abortionists before the manly, chivalry defenders of truth, goodness, and beauty, is just such ad hoc priest of the primitive sacred. All the more so because he doesn't even know his status, caught as he is in mythological, luciferian logic.

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