Sunday, November 30, 2008


Jill Fallon at Business of Life seconds my motion on R. R. Reno's "We Need Roots" and the music of Show of Hands AND Mes Aieux (My Ancestors) - one of our favorite Distributist music videos.



jill said...

Thanks Athos for the link. Remarkable videos aren't they?

Would you be so kind as to call my blog by its name, Business of Life. It's the only way I can distinguish it from my other blog Legacy Matters since both are hosted on my start-up business site.

I've been enjoying your blog and I note that we both share an interest in Gil Bailie. I'm organizing his workshops here in the Cambridge area.

Thanks again

Athos said...

Done and done, Jill. If you haven't seen Gil's "Nostalgia for Thanksgiving" at his blog, it's poignant and worth reading. Cheers