Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kozinski - Saruman @ ND

The comparison that was just waiting to be made. Thaddeus Kozinski at Mercatornet writes, Saruman at Notre Dame.


David Nybakke said...

There are many excellent points to this article... I loved the connection to Saruman - absolutely brilliant. But I am tired of people (especially those who voted for him and that is the majority of us Catholics) wanting to fry I Wun for sticking to his campaign promises - isn't that what we usually condemn politicans for - we elect them and they don't do what they promised. Well, I Wun is giving us what he promised - death.

There are a number of 'heart' issues represented in this scandal however the issue that stands most out to me is the ND invitation and awarding of honor and degree to I Wun as it showcases the dividedness of the Catholic Church. Even here from George Weigel discussing what he considers errant articles in the Vatican newspaper, "It is true, however, that the offices of the Holy See are replete with middle- and lower-level officials who are enamored of Barack Obama."

It is everywhere in the Church - an enraptured fixation over I Wun to the point of compromising any Church position that may stand contrary to I Wun including life and death issues. This is most alarming as they, including most bishops are unable or unwilling to express to the laity that there are truths that Catholics hold to, PERIOD! Relativism is rampant in the Church and throughout all of its levels.

Whether one acknowledges Saruman at ND or I Wun (I think these titles are synonymous) for those who watched I think you witnessed the "maker-of-the-rings" in true form. And you witnessed a mass of Catholics who most likely feel as strongly about their own version of Catholicism as you feel about yours. If we all hold hands at mass are we not acknowledging a pro-choice Catholicism?

Athos said...

The fun thing is, Aramis, the way that popular culture turns everything into a cartoon: bishops in their mitres, militant right-wingers as know-nothings, brainiac left-wingers in their Birkenstocks ... all stock characters in the opera of modernity.

Such schlock caters to the less than middle brows caught by the distractions unto death. Alas.

I Wun talks up a storm about "let's just get along, y'all." But he is addicted; to winning, which he will do at all costs and any costs. Pity his soul, and all who fall for his ruses.