Friday, July 31, 2009

Primitive Sacred and Victimizing Victimizers

Real Clear Religion reports on a neuvo-sexual man who attacked a Catholic priest during Mass (See here.).

One finds it very difficult to grasp the motivation for the actions of this man without the anthropological efforts of René Girard. In ancient times if one presented oneself as a "victim" of unjust dealings, one was likely to be victimized all the more ("You have been punished by the gods? Aye, then, we'll help the gods. Guards, have this man flogged!")

But the revelation of Our Lord's holy Cross has shown plainly that part of our fallen human nature is to institute and/or restore cultural cohesion by choosing a victim we can all agree on "deserves" our expelling or murder. "Better that one man dies than the whole nation be destroyed," said Caiaphus.

While the Christian revelation shows the Satanic
(Gr. “to accuse”) nature of this "sacrificial victimary mechanism,” modern persons have rejected the Christian faith while hanging onto a perversion of it; namely, a concern for victims as a means of keeping Satanic victimizing.

How? How do we cling to a concern for victims – it sounds SO noble - while rejecting the “Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world” AND at the same time keep on victimizing?

It is like this: in rejecting Christ’s divine revelation about violence and the Satanic primitive sacred, we place ourselves in God’s place, reject God’s Divine Victim, and lay claim to victimizing by championing the cause of victims whom we audaciously choose.

Let me repeat that: WE choose who we want to make our victims by claiming that they are “victimizing”. The Christian revelation has pulled back the veil on the unjustness of victimizing. But Satan pulls a fast one: “Okay, then we’ll victimize victimizers for victimizing!” (Conveniently ignoring the fact, of course, that in so doing one is oneself victimizing.) Talk about stinkin’ luciferian thinkin’.

It is close to the truth – which C. S. Lewis said makes the best lie - and so bamboozles us into making us feel self-righteous when we whack those whom we smugly see as being nasty to a special interest group we want to champion.

The fellow in this news report, like so many “gay” activists is merely finding a way back into Girard’s “primitive sacred” sacrificial victimary mechanism. The Catholic Church “victimizes” gays he thinks, so he get to victimize Catholics, and feel smugly self-righteous about it! (Just look at the expression on his face.)

The truth that this self-appointed priest of the Satanic primitive sacred expels is that Catholic Church is the sole Proclaimer in the world that says about sexuality: (a) there is normalcy as God designed it in Natural Law - one does not use sexuality for mere satisfaction of desire; and (b) it is to produce offspring to be raised by a mother and father in lifelong, self-donating marriage and family. One learns this by means of Christian revelation, no where else. Without this, we are pan-sexual - anything goes. Why not? With Christian revelation, we find what brings the greatest Adventure in the world: marriage, family, the "domestic Church."

The Catholic Church proclaims and tries to live and teach that it is wrong to victimize, even people possessed by disordered passions. We gather around the Ultimate Victim and High Priest, Jesus Christ, in the holy Sacrifice of the Mass rather than go seeking new victims to make us feel self-righteous in accusing and persecuting them.

The latter is the way of the primitive Sacred; and the neo-paganism of the West and the Scimitar threatening to engulf Christian truth are the twin pincers of the primitive Sacred we fight.

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