Saturday, November 7, 2009

Facing Realities

And for the souls who are tired of being told to ignore the obvious by the MSM, the left-speak guardians of public discourse, and the Last Self-Help Administration, here is a tonic breath of affirmation of your gut-intuition. One learns from the structural behavior of those guardians and mandate makers what their priorities are.

I, for one, will nod and say, "Yes, comrade, we know what you say is true," to those who believe they can imagine their way into a John Lennon halcyon utopia. But I will always strive to keep my family safe and, in the words of C. S. Lewis, "feel for my ax" when those whose sacred writ says I am an abomination to their deity Tash draw near.

The policy of ignoring the "rough edges" of the culture of the Scimitar in hopes that it will meld into a homogeneous multicultural one-world culture is a pipe dream. Or rather, it is a wager. But in the meanwhile, the sudden outbursts of sacred violence are seen as possible flash points of reaction against peoples of the Scimitar, and so all outrage stifled.

The effect is to confuse a largely peace-abiding majority while surreptitiously tying their hands for legitimate defense, while a gathering cumulonimbus of Scimitar extremism grows overhead.

The wager must stop. Anthropological realities must be faced. Legitimate defense organized and implemented. And the public not be lied to and treated like children by oligarchical and hubris-filled governmental leaders.

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