Thursday, November 12, 2009

Small IS Beautiful

When did it happen? When did the Left abandon the free thinking, free individualism for the Obot weirdness that marked a vast swing to herd mentality? I am a product of the 60's, and it was simply bizarre prior to the November election to see young people standing on street corners holding placards, shouting and gesticulating en mass.

The only similitude when seeing school children singing the praises of an American president was, rightly so, the Frank Capra documentaries of German school children doing the same re: who-know-National-Socialist-who.

To see the statist swallowing of the American car companies - save the Bailey Saving and Loan (FORD) - was to see the way the Big Government of the Left is just and only a mirror image of the Big Business, fat-cat-itis of the Right.

Personally, I am grateful that I have an option, as do all men of good will. It is the Catholic Church. The earthly powers and principalities will never comprehend how a hierarchical entity such as Mother Church is anything but an anachronism. Never mind them.

It is the sole source of clarity, truth, goodness, and beauty. Let none dissuade you of this. Let the brave and glorious multitude - Tolkien, Schumacher, Chesterton, Girard, Merton, Day, Augustine, Dun Scotus, Belloc, Sheen, Seelos, Bailie, Pearce, Nybakke, Eden, Taylor, Campion, Moore, Shakespeare, Hendrix - be your comrades-in-arms.

We ARE the Catholic Church.

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