Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Pig in a Poke

It is tragic to see persons of moderate intelligence who have bought into the zeitgeist of the age to the point of assuming that anything else is incorrigibly nonsensical. Take for example Nina Totenburg on Inside Washington. A respected NPR reporter, Ms. Totenburg replied to a comment of Charles Krauthammer regarding the polled opinion of the majority of Americans who want Congress to start over on health care rather than pass the present monstrosity. Ms. Totenburg said to this with a dismissive toss of the head that she generally considers a discussion-ending gesture, "The majority of Americans don't know what's IN this bill!" Hmm. Exactly.

Perhaps that is precisely the reason the majority of Americans don't want this health care bill passed, you see. Rather than tittering from on high at Americans' ignorance - an ignorance which Americans would indeed like redress - perhaps the spirit of the agers should ask why they, like Ms. Totenburg, are willing to go along with this pig in a poke health care bill.

But, then her stance like all those who elected I Wun has been one of blind, tittering acceptance and promulgation. It isn't sufficiently well thought-out to be called hubris. It's more like a very long extension of sorority dining room chatting over a low-fat dessert, or a disdainful gathering in the oak-paneled, carpeted locker-room at the country club after 18-holes but before drinks at the bar.

Saddest of all is the absolute forgetfulness of our true condition and deepest needs. Our commander-in-chief, sooner if he continues to smoke or later, will indeed find out this truth about himself, as well all who are promoting this health care bill.

The tremendous attention given this farce is, once again, one of the smoke screens of pop culture to keep us from focusing on the message of the Church, the message of the Gospel, the message of Our Lord:

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