Monday, February 21, 2011

Stages of Spiritual Starvation

At yesterday's Daytona 500 race, Jeff Gordon was sponsored by the AARP's new publicity stunt, Drive to End Hunger. How much did many minutes of commercial time cost during the Daytona 500? Vroom vroom.

A noble endeavor, you say? Perhaps; unless one looks behind the curtain at the man pulling the levers and turning the knobs. The AARP buckled and became an arm of the aspirations of Last Self-Help Administration even before the last election. If you see altruism in this new endeavor, I see an attempt to show even good-old boy racin' fans can be influenced by the cynical Left.

Instead of spending umpteen thousands of dollars on this new endeavor, AARP - and you, gentle reader - should with Monsignor Charles Pope consider a deeper analysis of hunger in the starving West; one that, I think, makes far more sense and, ultimately, can do far more good, here.

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