Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Strategies of Faith

Various strategies that give a ragged and dissolute West "borders" are now beginning to emerge. The first was James Pinkerton's Shire Strategy, and, more recently, Timothy Furnish with his Resurrecting Christendom: A Blueprint (the 'Gondor Strategy'). Baron Bodissey does a fine job parsing the latter. But the real question, it seems to me, is what borders are they talking about? The time has come and gone for closing gates, limiting immigrants from Scimitar lands, patrolling the hinterlands. Dhimmitude in the guise of gasoline price gouging, aided and abetted by Detroit and Tokyo -- unless we attempt a REAL Shire Strategy of Amish ilk -- is the way we live and move and have our being. The Pentagon and federal government -- for all the flash, shock and awe -- are inextricably caught in a web of high technology alchemical Gnosticism that can't look backward or downward. Where is the realpolitik hope here?

The only direction hope and faith have ever come, and that is the Catholic Church. Bin Laden knows this; that is why he targeted the Pope as the victim of highest importance to the West (like Nietzsche, Bin Laden knows, but rejects truth that shines the light on Islam's true nature).

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The time for a cohesive, collaborative, and unifying "strategy" is not here and now, though its necessity is great. Our leaders are hypocritically blind and obsequious worshipers of Mammon, as Chesterton, Belloc, and McNabb prophesied. Valor, honor, chivalry, and legitimate defense are the best we can hope for in these darkening days. God give us strength, fortitude, and all virtues we need to give witness, and the discernment to separate the absolutely essential from the merely necessary.

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