Thursday, May 15, 2008

Child Was a 'Demon'

Readers of RenĂ© Girard won't take long in recognizing the familiar signs of scapegoating and reconstitutive violence in this brief story: One Mind Ministries of Baltimore, MD, allegedly starved an 18-month old child because he was viewed as a ‘demon.'
Cult members concluded Javon Thompson was a “demon” after the baby wouldn’t say “amen” at mealtime and starved him to death, witnesses told homicide detectives, according to records obtained by The Examiner.

“The child was abused because Javon was noncompliant with the existing rules of the ‘cult,’ ” the records state. “The child was also viewed as a ‘demon.’ ”

Investigators believe 18-month-old Javon’s body was found last month in a suitcase in Philadelphia two years after his death.

The return to such expressions of the primitive Sacred is to be expected the farther we recede from the revealed truth of the Magisterium of Catholic faith, truth, and morals.

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