Saturday, July 26, 2008

Blows Where It Wills

NOTE TO READERS: One may or may not have noted the change in the header of Chronicles. It used to read: Truth, Goodness, Beauty - Some Things Are Worth Fighting For.

I have observed both in myself and others that a pugilistic spirit lends itself more easily to falling into mimetic rivalry and the problem of the doubles; that is, if one sees another with his "dukes" up, one is more likely to "put 'um up" too.

Therefore, in the hope of being extricated from that fallen state of non-being, I have changed the header (above) and the general tone of Chronicles of Atlantis to:
Truth, Goodness, and Beauty - Gold is Where You Find It. It is easy to curse the darkness. It is more difficult to light a candle, but far more profitable (Mtt 5,15ff).

Not everything I post will always be uplifting or even lend itself to hopefulness. But I promise to look for signs that the Spirit of Jesus Christ is active in current events and in the lives of men and women in our world today, regardless of ethnic or religious background. While I remain ever one with the Body of Christ begun by Our Lord and founded on the first pope, Saint Peter, it would be foolish to think the Holy Spirit is without witness in persons who are not Catholic.

I have personally experienced great charity from persons made imago dei who are Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, Evangelical, and Catholic. Gold is where you find it: keep your heart and eyes and hope open and alive.


David Nybakke said...

Dear Ath, I had never heard of a pugilistic spirit before - a good term.

I hold out that good mimetic desire has to come from someone and that someone could and should be us as we attempt to follow in the footsteps of saints that have gone before us.

Using the example of your post Humanae Vitae, it seems to me these critics have chosen to NOT listen; NOR do they strive to deepen their being - their presence with that of Humanae Vitae, and thus they are of the spirit of scandal, and not of the Holy Spirit that has its being in the Church.

So in this example, how do we imitate good mimesis in the face of bad mimesis represented by the critics of the magisterium of the Church.

Athos said...

It is a time of greatly heightened scandal, evidenced by the huge expression of desire by crowds for an internal mediator coupled with the inability of those who report the news to correctly analyze this anthropological fact.

But, as you say, we do indeed have the example of the saints, humble enough not to point to themselves but to the Lord for grace for salvation. May we persevere in their faith, hope, and charity even in these dangerous days.