Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cartoon Demonizing and Prayer

The Anchoress correctly says this is one of Michelle Malkin's finest essays.

It is abundantly clear that the polarizing, accusatory gestures are becoming more emphatic in our hyper mimetically charged cultural milieu. Enemies are less human and more demoniac; less nuanced and more cartoon-esque (think Dan Brown Catholics stereotypes or Obots). Less human means more expendable.

About the only thing that will save us from continuing down the vortex of the sacred is prayer: for us as sinners and as our purported enemies as sinners. Once we think those who want to do away with "Christianists" are targets - or worse, gunning for us - we will be apt to attack first and ask questions later.

Henri Nouwen once said the most fearful people he ever met were incarcerated criminals doing time for violent crimes. They all had a "first strike" mentality.

Chivalry believes in legitimate defense. It also believes in the universality of Original Sin.

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