Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Chivalry, Faith, Hope, and Charity

When a commander-in-chief allows that an unstable Middle Eastern nation whose secular leader ever breathes maledictions against the survival of Israel has "legitimate" aspirations to nuclear power(/weapons?); when, structurally and surreptitiously, he wants to divide Catholics and undermine the Magisterium of the Catholic Church; when he is "outraged" over the murder of a late-term abortionist doctor, but silent when a Scimitar religionist guns down a member of the armed forces in a recruiting office on our native soil ...

Either he is pretending he knows something far past the average, common-sensical wisdom and we must play along and trust his judgment; or we are in for a very tumultuous and difficult melt down time in America.

The prophets of the Old Testament would view our time as the abomination of idolatry, paganism, and sin, ripe for punishment. The doctrine of Original Sin has not gone away, nor will it.

The Last Self-Help Administration to the contrary notwithstanding, be faithful, be charitable, be chivalrous. Christ our Lord has triumphed. We march merrily in the present darkness.

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