Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ken Blackwell - O's Never Called It Wrong

A lot is at stake here. If Obamacare goes through, if it has a hidden abortion funding mandate in it (if, for example, it requires health insurance plans to cover abortions), we will even more deeply divide our wounded country over abortion.

"What they seek is that we shall cease calling it wrong." That's what Lincoln said at Cooper Union in 1860. He knew that the extreme advocates of slavery could not accept any settlement of the slavery debate that cast human bondage as morally unacceptable.

For more than thirty years, the ban on federal funding of abortion first carried by the late Henry Hyde has carried with it a presumption that we call abortion wrong. That is why liberals rallied to Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton once, and only once, called it wrong. (Newsweek, October 31, 1994.) But she never acted as if it was wrong. Obama never even called abortion wrong.

If he wins on his health care plan, all Americans will be forced to pay for abortion. All Americans will have to treat what Ronald Reagan called "the slaughter of innocents" as if it is right. No wonder President Reagan said that abortion was "a wound in our national soul." If Obamacare passes, the wound will be mortal..MORE>>
= Ken Blackwell

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