Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Negative Imitator-in-Chief

I am beginning to think that President I Won isn't merely an African colonel, or merely narcissistic, but that he is more simply an example of René Girard's "negative imitation" in the flesh ... and in the most powerful office in the human cosmos.

It requires him to cast away ostensibly at least any regard for, for example, the presidency of his predecessor, and any thinking that the ancestral voice of the father would consider mere common sense. And most telling of all, it requires that he not pay reverence for or bow in humility to a source of transcendence greater than his own source of worldly power, namely the Judeo-Christian tradition that sired all that is true, good, and beautiful in the remnants of western civilization otherwise known as Christendom.

A puer in negative imitation; the world is full of them. But one leading the Last Self-Help Administration in reforming America?

One down, three to go.

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