Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Update - The Silence is Deafening

The otherwise incomprehensible support of massively vocal and violent Hezbollah by persons on the Left is only to be understood by the explication of human culture of René Girard. In a sacrificial crisis, the spiraling of the maelstrom of violence usurps the use of "reason" since it is itself a product of the primitive Sacred -- something conventional social science is as woefully ignorant of as, say, fish are of water. Girard, however, has given thematic and structural understanding to such events the likes of which we find ourselves engrossed in on a global scale.

Some on the Left are coming up and breaking surface on the realities of this sacrificial crisis. Below is the beginning of a series by former left-leaning journalist, David Aaronovitch. He may not understand or even know of Girard's work (let alone the Magisterium's Catholic truth!), but he outlines the structure of the primitive Sacred in Islamist fascism even if he only deals in its themes (which should largely be ignored as reason is shut down by the justifying power of Sacred violence). [HT: Velvet Hammer Lady] Part One:

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