Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Demographic Winter

From Catholic News Agency: [h/t: New Advent]
.- Filmmakers announced at a National PressClub press conference on Tuesday a “groundbreaking” documentary that addresses the problems of population decline and predicts a coming “demographic winter” that will result from weakened families.

Population decline is projected to seriously affect the sustainability of present societies by reducing the economic and tax bases of nations. The movie claims that as the number of elderly people swells there will be fewer and fewer young people to help care for them.

The documentary, titled "Demographic Winter: the decline of the human family,” was written and directed by Rick Stout to examine developed countries that are below population replacement rates. The film brings together demographers, economists, sociologists, and civic and religious leaders to explore problems present generations will soon face due to shrinking and aging populations.
View trailer "Demographic Winter."


David Nybakke said...

A third of the way through the trailer you hear this: "It's happening in rich countries, poor countries. It's happening in Catholic countries - Islamic countries..."

In your research Ath, is this statement true? There is a definite implication here that it is not just a Western issue, but yet in another place in the trailer it refers to this being a Western problem.

I get a feel, in reports like this, that once again point to the inevitable end of nation-states. And we must remember that nation-states came from a movement toward democracy from within the Christianized West.

Athos said...

From my reading, the tailing off of sufficient children to carry out infrastructure tasks is occurring as the film purports. The Muslim culture, however, is tailing off more slowly than others, with similar effect to the present state of the western states happening out at about 2050.