Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Atheist Shakes Hands with Vatican

Self-avowed athiest, Giuliano Ferrara, has become pro-life (somewhat - calling for 'moratorium' on abortion), conservative, and friendly with the Vatican. These guys, like Oriana Fallaci, get a glimpse of the light, and make make interesting allies:
For his part, Mr. Ferrara says he remains an atheist. “I’m not a converted Catholic,” he said. “I’m still a nonbeliever, even though my idea of reason is the idea of a reason which is open to mystery.” Whatever his motivations, his new crusade says as much about the power vacuum in Italy as the power. After all, as the critic Nicola Chiaromonte observed in the late 1940s, “In Italy, the Church offers not heaven so much as protection from the sheer impact of history.”

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