Sunday, April 6, 2008

Jack Wheeler - A Resurrection Has Begun

Dr. Jack Wheeler, who earlier appeared in this video, posts an interesting article in Virtue Online, The Resurrection of Christianity vs. Islam.
It is Young Europe that will regenerate Old Europe, save it from becoming Moslem Europe, and keep it Christian. For it is Christianity, as exemplified by this Pope, that will fill the spiritual emptiness felt so deeply by both Europe's secular and Islamic youth. For as I noted in Miracle Max in Europe , like President Reagan, Pope Benedict is a conservative revolutionary aiming to overthrow the entrenched modern orthodoxies of secularism and relativism, and rescue Western Civilization from a massive alien threat.

[ ... ]

Now starts the actual rescue. Thanks to a German Pope and a Dutchman with bleached hair, the resurrection of Christianity against Islam in Europe has begun.

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