Sunday, April 6, 2008

Quotes of the Day

... the vulgar rumour is nearly always much nearer the historical truth than the "educated" opinion of to-day; for tradition is truer than fashion. -- Chesterton

That western civilization stands indebted to the Church for the university system, charitable work, international law, the sciences, important legal principles, and much else besides has not exactly been impressed upon (students) with terrific zeal. Western civilization owes far more to the Catholic Church than most people -- Catholics included -- often realize. The Church, in fact, built Western civilization. -- Thomas Woods

There is a dark instinct of horror which is found lurking or patent, in all antiquity and modern pagan ritual, a demand for victims and a prostration before dreadful power. Calvin provided victims. For his ardent disciples, remember, were elect. It was the others who were damned, and as for love of money, a philosophy which decided good works and dreaded abnegation let it loose in all its violence. Calvinism had men enrich themselves and they have done so. -- Hilaire Belloc

For that matter, Mohammedanism is no more fatalist than Calvinism; the two heresies resemble each other exactly in their exaggerated insistence upon the immutability of divine decrees. -- Hilaire Belloc

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