Thursday, November 13, 2008

Corpus Christianum - Merry, Come Join Us

If you haven't taken the opportunity, I heartily suggest that you take a moment of your hectic schedule and practice a little lectio divina with the excerpt from David Bentley Hart's Christ and Nothing here.

Then, prayerfully consider this invitation to become a member of Corpus Christianum. It is precisely in these apocalyptically darkening (though technologically enhanced) days that chivalrous men and women are sorely needed. In the words of Hart:
Christian asceticism is not, after all, a cruel disfigurement of the will, contaminated by the world-weariness or malice towards creation that one can justly ascribe to many other varieties of religious detachment. It is, rather, the cultivation of the pure heart and pure eye, which allows one to receive the world, and rejoice in it, not as a possession of the will or an occasion for the exercise of power, but as the good gift of God. It is, so to speak, a kind of “Marian” waiting upon the Word of God and its fruitfulness.
Join the merry band of chivalrous prayer knights at Corpus Christianum. You will glad to came, and be among the very best of God's good people in these new dark ages.

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