Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hubris and Naïveté Meet and Make-out

The American Humanist Association is planting ads on sides of buses and bus stops: Why believe in God?

It's so easy, right? "Just be good for goodness' sake." Who the heck needs to think about it as hard as, say, Charles Taylor, huh? Sheez, louise.

You want a reason to believe in God.
Here’s why you should believe in God.


David Nybakke said...

Ath, great post. I think we should join these great folks at AHA (American Humanist Association). Yeah, get people thinkin' because as the election sure proves, they ain't doin' any thinkin'. Can the post-Christain sittin' in the pew next to ya answer the AHA question, "Why believe in God?" with any degree of certainty?

We could bring together our friends at the AHA with David Bentley Hart and help the world understand what it means to be 'of this world' and to believe in nothing.

My struggle here is not the good people of the AHA but us, we who go to church and then not live out our faith in practice and in the voting booth as we showed this month. We are a main reason for the AHA existing, and one reason why is because we have tried to be Christains in this world without continually going back and being grounded at the Cross. I hope that out of the bishop conference on liturgy we will start to get better and more sound Catholic teaching in and by way of the liturgy and Mass.

On another level there is Girard. Hamerton-Kelly explores a bit of the disintegration of the self using the Girardian mimetic desire model here (a bit past half way through the article) and here.

So actually the AHA and your First Things article by David Bentley Hart go hand-in-hand.

Athos said...

This is worth a post, Aramis (hint, hint). Go for it.